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Obtaining a Visa: Relocation Information

The process for acquiring a visa that entitles you to work or live in another country can be complex and lengthy. Aside from the paperwork and the other requirements that you need to accomplish, there are other factors that may affect the success of your application. Awareness of the dynamics that surround visa application is a must for the realisation of your goal to live and work abroad.

At A new life Abroad, we and or "Accredited Agents" help people interpret and comprehend the complexities of the visa application process to make the situation easier. As an established worldwide relocation specialist, our business is focused on helping people start new lives abroad and fulfill their ambitions. Individuals who want to find their niche in another country, families looking to lay down roots, and organisations or companies relocating abroad have found in us a steadfast partner who will work toward the completion of the whole process.

Special Visa Routes

Our visa specialists and or "Accredited Agents" are uniquely qualified to provide an evaluation of options that can give you the most favourable outcome. The following are special visa routes that we can help you with:

  • Investing Abroad. Regardless of your age, career, or background, you may be eligible for entry if a visa-qualifying investment is made or a sum of money is transferred to a chosen country for a set time period.
  • Working Holiday. Explore the world and experience different cultures through working holiday visas.
  • Establishing a Business Abroad. Setting up and directing a new enterprise in your country of choice may be the best course if you have a successful business track record.
  • Corporate Visas. Employees from organisations that need to work in another country for overseas assignments or international operations can be eligible for corporate visas regardless of their background.
  • Employee Transfers. Partner career issues can be solved through effectively transferring staff, along with their family, across national boundaries for international assignments.

Experts in Visa Applications

The assistance offered by A new life Abroad and or "Accredited Agents" can mean the difference between obtaining an approval or having your application rejected. We leverage a long experience in successful completions, expertise in visa application, and continuous monitoring of immigration law amendments in helping you meet the requirements.

Call us at 0800 63 44 991 today so that our visa specialists and or "Accredited Agents" can answer your queries and provide more information about our services.